Machining Services


FMT’s 130,000-square-foot facility houses an array of equipment to complete jobs of any size or need. Our in-house machine shop offers all the basics, like milling, grinding and turning, as well as any extras you’re looking for, including MIG and TIG welding, heat treat ovens, and a paint booth. Our highly customizable machines boast precision and quality, while our team of seasoned engineers and dedicated tradesmen ensure perfection.

  • Milling Equipment

  • Grinding Equipment

  • Turning Equipment

  • Support Equipment

Quality Assurance

Delivering quality machined parts that meet or exceed our customers' specifications is ingrained in the culture of FMT. Apart from using the latest in CNC machining equipment, we independently verify quality assurance through our part inspection lab. Our part inspection assets include but are not limited to:

  • 4' x 6' Granite Surface Plate
  • 24" Mitutoyo Electronic Height Gage
  • Sunnen Bore Gages to 6"
  • Vermont Plug Gages from .005 to 1.000
  • Vermont thread gages, plug and ring, to include pipe threads
  • Optical Comparator
  • Profilometer

Finished Process Enhancement Options

Through our strategic partnerships with qualified vendors, FMT is able to offer our customers the following engineered and performance coatings/finished process enhancements:

  • Chrome Plating—Hard and Decorative
  • Anodize
  • Powder Coat
  • Specialized Heat Treat
  • Tufftride
  • Carbide Coating
  • Black Oxide