Machining Services


From concept to delivery, FMT manages machining projects of all sizes. With a skilled team of engineers, managed by seasoned industry professionals, your project will be supervised and managed from start to finish in our 130,000-square-foot facility. 

Tool & Die Repair/Maintenance

FMT will have your equipment running smoothly again with our mold and die repair and maintenance services. Our certified welders, overseen by our machine shop’s Certified Weld Inspector, have the tools and expertise needed to revitalize worn molds and dies. FMT will independently ensure all products are in perfect condition as your equipment passes through our in-house quality assurance laboratory.

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Production Runs

Our machine shop houses the latest in CNC machining and is staffed by engineers and tradesmen with 120 years of combined experience. That allows us to complete production runs of any size that meet our rigorous standards, whether your project simply needs one-off parts or a huge volume assembly job.

3D Machining

Using CAMWorks software, we can create and apply three-axis toolpaths. CAMWorks software allows us to target exactly what our clients need and provides a higher level of customization than the competition. This tolerance-based machining technology saves our engineers and machinists time, and delivers on the FMT promise of efficiency. That means money saved for you during the manufacturing process.


FMT provides rapid in-house prototyping, so you know exactly what the end product will look like. Our concept to delivery model gives clients a peace of mind knowing their project is being carefully managed and overseen by industry experts right in our machine shop.


Our services have only grown and expanded since FMT’s 1987 inception. In addition to overseeing production runs of all sizes, 3-D machining, prototyping and mold and die repair and maintenance, our services include the following. If your project has a need that isn’t covered by the services below, please contact us today; we’d love to take a look.

  • Reverse engineering of components
  • Milling, turning and grinding
  • In-house heat treat
  • Painting and finishing
    • Chrome plating
    • Anodizing
    • Powder coating
    • Specialized heat treat
    • Tufftride
    • Carbide coating
    • Black oxide
  • Sandblasting
  • Fabricating in our in-house fabrication department
  • MIG and TIG welding, exotic and mild steels